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Searching for Balance?

Whether you are looking for balance physically or mentally, yoga can help.

Physical balance requires proprioception, the ability of the body to know where it is in space. As you try to balance on one foot or balance in crescent lunge pose, your brain is sending signals to your body to adjust in order to maintain balance and not fall over.

As you practice yoga, this ability heightens. Tree Pose is a perfect standing posture to begin working on balance wherever you are.

How to “Tree Pose”:

  1. Shift your weight onto your left leg.
  2. Bring your right sole of your foot to your ankle (toe on the ground), inside of your calf, or inside of your thigh. Be sure to not put the foot on the knee joint.
  3. Press your foot into your leg while pressing your leg into your foot.
  4. Lift through the spine to stand taller with hands at heart center.
  5. Breathe.

But wait, how does Tree Pose help with balance mentally?

Because balancing takes concentration and focus, it is very difficult to focus on the worries of the day or your to-do list while in Tree Pose or other balancing postures. It gives you a chance to take a break from the thoughts that circulate your mind throughout the day.

At Village Vitality, improving balance and proprioception is implemented throughout all our classes. Stop by for a class this week!

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