We are MORE than just another yoga studio…

Hey Atlanta!

It seems as if a new yoga studio pops up in all corners of Atlanta each month, an expansion similar to Starbucks. I love that! I think the spreading of yoga and fitness is amazing and love to see new businesses expand and meet the needs of the people in all areas of the city.

However, Village Vitality is a little different than the typical yoga studio. We offer weekly yoga classes, but we also have an Active Muscle Recovery Center, complete with Recovery Boots, Assisted Stretch, and Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

Today’s feature: Recovery Boots

These boots use compressed air to improve the circulation of blood and fluid that pools in your feet or lower legs. If you find yourself standing most of the day or have exhausted legs after a long run/tough workout. Give these boots a try and see how they can improve your muscle recovery and reduce inflammation in your ankles!

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