Cat Pose Oakhurst Yoga

Easy morning yoga from Oakhurst Decatur studio

At our Decatur studio we get many people asking about easy stretches they can do for their backs while they sit all day. The easiest and one of the most effective postures we use in our Village Flow class is the combination of Cat pose and Cow pose.

Below you can see me demonstrate neutral table top pose, cow pose, and cat pose. If you have never attended a yoga class to understand the proper mechanics of this beautiful practice then please stop our Decatur, GA location nestled in the Oakhurst neighborhood for a chance to see these postures in motion.

Table Top Best Yoga Oakhurst

Neutral, Table Top Pose
Hands under shoulders, knees under hips.


Cow Pose Decatur Oakhurst Yoga

Cow Pose
Tilt sits bones up, drop belly down, look forward.


Cat Pose Oakhurst Yoga

Cat Pose
Tuck the tail bone under hips, round through the shoulders, bring your chin towards your chest.


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