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Free Yoga Weekend

Free yoga for everyone!  Join us January 12 and 13 for a weekend of giveaways. We will be open all morning long giving away FREE coffee and kombucha to the community. So stop by, try out a yoga class, or sample something from the café. Open house hours:  Saturday, January 12: 8am-12pm Sunday, January 13: […]

5 Tips to Succeed this Holiday Season

Christmas is my favorite time of year! However, in this beautiful season of love, gratitude, and celebrating the greatest gift of all, it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. Try to implement one or all of these tips this week!  Plan your week out on Sunday with a daily planner. Know […]

Why I put butter in my coffee…

Butter mixed in coffee. Yum? We were told for so long to stay away from butter, that butter causes heart disease and is full of bad calories. If this is the case, why should I put butter in my coffee? The science behind it: Our brain is made largely of fat and cholesterol To have […]

Sluggish and Tight? Try out Triangle Pose!

On rainy days where you may wake up feeling sluggish and tight, snap out of your funk by warming up the body and trying out triangle pose! Benefits of Triangle: stretches and opens hips, hamstrings, shoulders, chest, and spine strengthen legs and core increases mental and physical equilibrium improves “sluggish” digestion reduces anxiety, stress, and […]

Kombucha… Come Again?

What’s the buzz about Kombucha?  At Village Vitality, we want to provide our clients and friends with the highest quality product and service to live your highest quality of life. How can Kombucha benefit me? This “Immortal Health Elixir” created by the Chinese 2,000 years ago carries tremendous health benefits. Improve gut health with natural […]

Tired of your stiff, achy back?

At our Decatur yoga studio, we care about your back. Low Cobra Pose is a great place to start to not only alleviate a tight/stiff back, but also receive many more health benefits along the way! Why do we add Low Cobra Pose to our flows at Village Vitality? Benefits:  decreases stiffness in lower back […]

Searching for Balance?

Whether you are looking for balance physically or mentally, yoga can help. Physical balance requires proprioception, the ability of the body to know where it is in space. As you try to balance on one foot or balance in crescent lunge pose, your brain is sending signals to your body to adjust in order to […]

Fall for Yoga

In a time of transition and change, it is a great time to reflect on your current patterns and habits of life. I find that it is very easy to fall into comfort foods and skipping workouts with the cooler weather and darker mornings/evenings and fall out of your positive health habits. Find what your […]

We are MORE than just another yoga studio…

Hey Atlanta! It seems as if a new yoga studio pops up in all corners of Atlanta each month, an expansion similar to Starbucks. I love that! I think the spreading of yoga and fitness is amazing and love to see new businesses expand and meet the needs of the people in all areas of […]

Feeling worn down and restless? Try out this easy yoga pose!

When you are feeling worn down and restless, try this posture to rejuvenate your mind and body. Seated Forward Fold has many amazing benefits: calms the brain helps relieve stress and mild depression stretches the spine, shoulders, and hamstrings Start by sitting tall with legs extended out. As you inhale, reach your arms overhead and […]