5 Tips to Succeed this Holiday Season

Christmas is my favorite time of year! However, in this beautiful season of love, gratitude, and celebrating the greatest gift of all, it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle.

Try to implement one or all of these tips this week!

  1.  Plan your week out on Sunday with a daily planner.
    • Know the events scheduled in during that week, no double booking and rushing about
    • Plan your meals
    • Plan your exercise
  2. Take 15 minutes in the morning to SLOW DOWN.
    • Meditate (clear your thoughts, find an inspiring word to focus on for the day)
    • Journal (reflect on your year… think about how you want next year to go)
    • Quiet time (take time to connect spiritually and reflect on this season)
  3. Delegate tasks.
    • We weren’t meant to do life alone
    • Find a buddy to help you prepare meals or party dishes
    • Enjoy the company of others
  4. Take care of yourself.
    • Drink lots of water
    • Sleep 7-8 hours
    • Move, exercise, do something active you enjoy – better with a buddy!
  5. It’s okay to say NO.
    • If you are unable to do steps 1-4, you may need to say “no” to your next request
    • Prioritize what is important to you, your family, and your wellness

 Enjoy this season full of friends, family, and grateful hearts.

Don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle, above all, remember the reason for this season!

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