Village Vitality is the one-stop shop for full body wellness that compliments your active lifestyle. 

Conveniently located in the Oakhurst Village, south of downtown Decatur, GA.

Get Started Now!


Recover faster from your workouts, get back to doing what you love to do, and reduce your chance for injury through our 3 modalities of active recovery: Assisted Stretch, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, and Compression Boots.

Whether this is your first time doing yoga or your 100th time, all are welcome to get started and get moving! Take a retreat from life and join us for a class today.

Butter in your coffee? Come taste and see the difference in your energy and mental clarity today. Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Grab a cup or growler of kombucha for the family. Enjoy the taste of local kombucha while receiving the benefits.

Our Class Scheduling

We highly recommend you reserve your spot in advance!

What People are Saying

“I have gone to Becca’s class for over a year and just do not like to miss it.  She brings a dynamic energy to each class.  She has a unique ability to balance a thoughtful flow while offering us challenges that help us grow our practice.  Thanks Becca!”

Dan G. Atlanta, GA

“Becca cares about her students, always aware and helpful with making sure your alignment is correct. She has a unique gift and amazing spirit. One of the best classes I’ve taken!”

Dawn D.Anderson, SC

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