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Recover faster from your workouts, get back to doing what you love to do, and reduce your chance for injury through our 3 modalities of active recovery: Assisted Stretch, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, and Compression Boots.

Whether this is your first time doing yoga or your 100th time, all are welcome to get started and get moving! Take a retreat from life and join us for a class today.

Butter in your coffee? Come taste and see the difference in your energy and mental clarity today. Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Grab a cup or growler of kombucha for the family. Enjoy the taste of local kombucha while receiving the benefits.

The Village Vitality

Village Vitality is the one-stop shop for full body wellness that compliments your active lifestyle.In today’s world of excess computer usage, looking down at the phone, and long periods of sitting, Village Vitality is a place to come to break from that world and to find your peace. We offer a variety of yoga classes throughout the day and for those with busier schedules we offer private yoga classes for individuals or groups. Let Village Vitality be your oasis. Decatur is known to Atlanta as the forefront leader in healthy habits and our goal is to be a beacon of health in our community offering numerous yoga sessions, assisted stretching, and healthy beverages to boost your wellness.

We keep our yoga classes semi-private, allowing only a maximum of 10 people per class so we can custom the class to the group and offer hands-on assists to each client to ensure they are doing the poses efficiently and getting the best results. The flooring in our yoga space are cushioned mats that allow you to relax into your poses with more ease and decrease the pressure put on your body and joints to allow for better shock absorption. We host yoga workshops to allow our students to have the best access to learn about improving their practice and advance their knowledge in their yoga class. Our yoga classes are designed for all levels no matter whether it’s your first class or if you’ve already taken your 200-hour yoga certification. Our yoga studio is conveniently located in the Oakhurst Village, south of downtown Decatur, GA.

Our Yoga Class Scheduling

We highly recommend you reserve your spot in advance!

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What People are Saying

Wonderful studio that makes everyone feel welcome. As a newcomer to yoga, Village Vitality is the first place I’ve found that really offers newbie classes that helps those of us that need to increase flexibility and build wellness.
BrandenYoga Client

I love this place and Becca! I came for the coffee – intrigued by the Vitality Coffee I stopped by after a gym workout and now am a regular. The coffee is great and I now am working on individual stretch sessions – I am ridiculously inflexible so afraid to try yoga, Becca doesn’t let me slack off and there have been noticeable improvements in my flexibility. Everyone is super friendly and its really a comfortable feeling space.

JennyStretch Client

A definite MUST for anyone wanting an amazing Yoga home. Becca and her staff are amazing and welcoming. Truly interested in helping you be the BEST. My overall well being has improved dramatically under Becca’s care. Becca’s Fitness Assessment and Package will have you on the path to a healthier you.

KathyYoga and Wellness Client

“Becca cares about her students, always aware and helpful with making sure your alignment is correct. She has a unique gift and amazing spirit. One of the best classes I’ve taken!”

Dawn D.Anderson, SC

“I have gone to Becca’s class for over a year and just do not like to miss it.  She brings a dynamic energy to each class.  She has a unique ability to balance a thoughtful flow while offering us challenges that help us grow our practice.  Thanks Becca!”

Dan G. Atlanta, GA

After Village Flow, my mind, body and soul feel invigorated, rebalanced and delightful. Becca’s expertise, hands-on instruction, creativity, playfulness, music choice, and her ease of making each class different while maintaining a consistent structure keep me coming back for more.

RobinYoga Client

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